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Central warehouse, Zeven

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120 DMK colleagues work at the central warehouse in Zeven. Five of them talk about what’s happening currently at the location and how the corona pandemic has changed things for them.

Andreas Trull

“As container officer, I’m responsible for proper container loading and for fault rectification in the automatic systems. Since the corona crisis, we now load partly ourselves. We don’t shake hands with our colleagues as we previously did. It was only when I was at home that I realised all the things that aren’t possible now. It’s clear we all have to accept limits!”

Sascha Meier

“I work at an individual workplace as a system operator. Corona hasn’t changed things very much for me really. Of course, we have less contact with our colleagues. The entire workplace is disinfected after every shift. Apart from that, I can work completely normally and take care of quality assurance and small repairs in the warehouse.”

Malte Huff

“Handwashing has become a constant task! But joking apart – of course, we keep our distance from each other and follow the hygiene rules. But we usually do this anyway – after all, we work with food. I take care of receiving the goods and the final check before the goods are shipped. It’s all a little more complicated than usual, but it works! We manage it well.”

Tobias von Holten

“I set up the transports in the system, cancel the transport contracts as needed and take care of the shipping preparation. This continues to run smoothly. When loading, we make sure that we keep our distance from the drivers and work colleagues.”

Horst Böckmann

I coordinate the commissioning and loading of fresh products. It’s clear that hygiene is always a huge topic for us. During the current phase, we disinfect our workplaces even more often and naturally we keep our distance from one another. Other than that, it’s work as usual.”

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